About Us


To build a brand that empowers individuals to feel comfortable, confident, and capable through the art of fashion. 

When you wear Shosha you’re not just adding to your wardrobe, you’re choosing to stand with other like-minded individuals that value the importance of creating a positive-body environment through the expression of wearable items.


Shosha Boutique was established in May of 2020 by Bianca Gamo. Although created in 2020, Bianca launched Shosha Boutique in January of 2021. Some thoughts that held Bianca back from launching Shosha was the lack of confidence in herself and capability of having success. She realized that her thoughts were the only things holding her back from pursuing her dream. She decided to accept her thoughts but not become them. Her dream is to create a long-lasting brand that serves as a reminder that self love and gratification is a direct product of acceptance of one's body. 


 "When you choose a name for your brand, make sure it's motivating enough to pull you out of the difficult times ahead"

Ever since Bianca was a little girl, her father would call her preciosa (meaning "precious") as a form of endearment. He shortened it to shosha and has since been the only one to ever call her by that name. Growing up, Bianca's father inspired her to feel confident in herself, pushed her to be capable in situations, and encouraged her to be comfortable in her own skin. Bianca decided to name her brand SHOSHA because she wanted it to be an extension to others to feel comfortable, confident, and capable as it relates to her upbringing.